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Sports eyeglasses characteristics

Sports eyewear does not share the same characteristics as regular eyeglasses, sunglasses or industrial safety glasses. Sports eyewear is specially designed to fit securely and comfortably during physical activity, keep your eyes safe, and enhance vision to give an extra performance edge in the activities you love.

Sports eyeglasses are equipped with protective lenses made from polycarbonate, a durable and impact-resistant material, eight times stronger than regular eyeglass lenses. They also feature frame styles specialized to suit the needs of each respective sport. Many are contoured to wrap around your face to provide secure coverage for activities such as sailing, surfing and biking.

Proper sizing is critical for top-notch function and the fit of sports goggles should be reassessed each year. We offer a large selection of sports eyewear and always make sure to consider fit, form, fashion and function while working together with you to select the appropriate eyewear.

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Sports eyeglasses for swimming

Many who wear eyeglasses and contact lenses cannot see clearly when swimming. Swimming glasses with the possibility of diopter range from -10.00 sph to +8.00 sph and have adjustable nose bridges.

We recommend them for sports competitors, recreational athletes and divers. They are waterproof and protect the eyes from chlorine and contaminants. They are available in two sizes: for adults and children. They allow better visibility both above and below the water surface, and thus more security, fun and success in the competition.

Outstanding quality, durability, maximum comfort, modern design, easy to handle. With the prescription swimming glasses, you will discover a new water world!


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